Making a lot of nothing

Blah! Little Miss gave me a very early mothers day present in the form of her nasty bug. I remember my brother telling me that having kids is like having your own personal germ incubators and now I understand what he meant.

We’re all but over it now and I stopped by at a garage sale today that had bags and bags of unwanted bits and bobs from someone’s stash. I scored a couple of bags and am enjoying fishing through the treasures. Included is some doll hair, which reminds me, I am way behind on my contribution for a doll drive, making dolls to be sent to Uganda. Little one is keen to be involved with that project and I had better make one extra to keep to ease the separation from our creations.

Proper pictures and another tutorial soon. Meantime, anyone seen any neat sewing tutorials for little girls lately? Maybe a twirly girly skirt or I’m liking tunic tops just now.


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Freelance copywriter, mum, student, craftoholic from the UK, based in Australia. I love to hear your comments on what I write. The dull stuff... I am very happy for my stuff to be pinned/reblogged/linked. Please make sure you link back to my blog, please do not put entire tutorials onto another site without checking but instead link back here to the tutorials.
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