Making New From Old

Its been one of those weeks fortnights. Aside form a bit of Easter chaos, Easter Monday litle miss got struck with what I thought was flu. Late that night her temperature went up and luckily I listened to the niggling feeling and called our lovely GP in the morning. We caught the beginnings of pneumonia early enough for the antibiotics to work pretty well. She’s closing in on her usual health, just tiring a bit faster than usual.

So, nothing much in the way of craft but while she was on bed rest I did tackle the overflowing cupboards and have a big clear out – a pile for the Salvos, a pile for ebay and some to re-engineer. Here are two womens pieces bought from a garage sale that I planned to make into something fun for next sumer for my 4 year old:

Tunic / minidress in need of a hem

Shirred strapless Minkpink sundress

The first I am thinking a simple strappy sundress most likely, I may have to edge that hem with a bit of broderie or similar for the sake of extra detail… or else bead/sequin those flowers one quiet evening (like I get any of those). The second maybe I could cut above the lower line of shirring (you should see the typo I almost left there, the r being next to the t and all) and add straps for a sundress, then use the leftover line of shirring (r, use the r key!) as the top of a skirt. Why not use someone else’s work after all.  Any other ideas?

Might take a little while to get to this – I can feel my daughter’s lurgy starting to take hold – the early mothers day gift that keeps right on giving. I plan on making up a big batch of chicken soup to see it off before it gets a hold. After last mothers day in hospital there’s no way I plan to be anything other than full health this year! If you have a great recipe, I’d love to read it.

Meantime (with apologies for the long-winded post, more tutorials soon I promise), I am love, love, loving the creations at Project Run & Play. Definitely worth a look. I might just get myself in gear and join in.


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