Little Girl’s Easter T-Shirt








I finally appliqued a t-shirt to go with the easter skirt… I cut out two little bunnies from the bunny fabric I used fro the skirt and hand drew a bunny template for the larger one:







I tried turning that the right way up and it kept turning back… maybe its because we’re in Australia! Anyway, I used some Heat & Seal ironed on the back of the fabric before cutting the shape, then ironing onto the t-shirt (it is worth using a ruler to place these so they are level). I satin stitched a little rabbit nose and ran a running stitch around the larger bunny, then used a button for the eye. I took a white pom pom from a length of pom pom trim for the tail (cause if you can’t have fluff when you’re 4, when can you?) All very simple and one very happy 4 year old.


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